How it works..


When using KWA Tax Returns Online, you are using a system that has been honed to perfection. Rather than wading through endless forms, your personal input is kept to the absolute minimum and you have the benefit of a tax accountant just an email or telephone call away, so there is no more tiresome waiting on helplines for assistance.

You choose:

You can use our simple online forms (recommended) or send us your own records. 

Whether you have to submit a tax return now or at some time in the future we make it easy for you.


Step by step guide to your completed tax return:

  1. Register and Log in. 
  2. Look around your client space and decide if our service is for you.
  3. Complete a simple online form when you are ready to make a start.
  4. We then ask you for your figures and get to work on your return.
  5. Your completed return is sent to you for your approval.
  6. We let you know what tax is due or be refunded and when.
  7. As soon as the return is approved we’ll submit it to HMRC for you.
  8. You can relax!


Registration is free, without any obligation and only your name and email address is required. Personal information, such as your residential address, will only be required at the very end of the process for the purposes of filing. We hold your login open for as long as you want us to and will delete it, together with any information, if you ask us to do so. We guarantee never to use your email address, or other details, for any purpose other than your communications with KWA Tax Returns Online concerned with the completion of your tax return.

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