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Welcome to your Information Centre.  This is your very own secure client space within our website and only you and your tax accountant have access to this area.

Take a look around our facilities which have been designed with you in mind. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to provide us with your details. Unlike HMRC online, our forms are simpler and you have the benefit of a tax accountant just an email or telephone call away if you get stuck, or maybe you need some help on what expenses or relief you can claim to save you tax.

From here you can let us have all the information required to complete your return.

First of all we will ask you to fill out or edit the My Details form. This will let us know what information we will need from you in order to complete your return. An accountant will then contact you to let you know what to do next.

There are various online forms which you can fill out which we can use to produce your return. Once these are completed you can leave the rest to us.

When you want to make a start…

  1. Go to the My Details page, read the instructions at the top of the form and complete or edit it.
  2. One of our tax consultants will then contact you via email, confirm our fee and let you know what online forms you will need to fill in. It’s that simple!

If you do not already have a UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) number, which can be found on most communications from HMRC, you will need to register for Self Assessment.  We can send you the link to HMRC so that you can register online.

We ask you to read our Terms and Conditions before proceeding with our service.

Summary of Menu Options

My Basics: Update your basic contact details and change your password here.

My Details: Everyone needs to complete this form in order to get the ball rolling and we don’t ask for any personal details at this stage.  The form provides us with information about your sources of income in order that we can assess your tax return.

My Forms: This section includes various forms that we may need to be completed in the process of preparing your tax return.  You will receive directions on which forms are required and we are here to assist you with the completion. Only one or two forms may be required depending on your circumstances.

My Documents: From here you can upload your documents, spreadsheets and any other records to assist us in the completion of your return.

Downloads: From here you can download documents and information that we may place there for you relevant to the preparation of your tax return.  Take a look now to see a sample of our tax return and tax calculation which we produce for our clients.

Terms and Conditions:  Our Terms and Conditions of service.

Payment of fee: You can pay either by debit card, credit card PayPal or bank transfer. The Pay Now button will appear in your Client Login when it is due.

Thank you for choosing KWA tax returns online Limited.

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