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Self Assessment tax return help for self employed Telehandler ..

Everyone who is self employed has to complete a tax return. It is important that you are aware of what allowable expenses you can claim against your income. From our experience, there are a number of people that end up paying more tax than necessary, either because they haven’t recorded evidence of their costs or they don’t realise what expenses and allowances they can claim. Basically any expenses that you have incurred which are wholly and exclusively for your work are tax deductible.

We have listed below the most common expenses which can save you tax.

Expenses you can claim


Protective clothing

Laundry & Cleaning

Telephone  Landline – Business use

Mobile Phone – Business Use



Postage & stationery

Use of home as office

Computer consumables

Trade Magazines

Bank charges on business account

Accountancy fees


Fares & Travelling expenses

Subsistence (if working away from home)

Other sundry items

Vehicle running costs  (read notes below)


Repairs & Maintenance

Road tax, insurance & MOT


Parking & Tolls

Please note : If you use your vehicle for your own personal use then you need to factor this in when any expenses are claimed. For example if you calculate that you use your vehicle 20% of the time for personal or family use, then you would need to reduce any relevant vehicle running expenses by 20%.

A simpler way to claim your vehicle running costs is by using HMRC’s Fixed Scale Mileage Rate which is currently 45p per mile for the first 10,000 and 25p thereafter. This includes a depreciation allowance (capital allowance) for the vehicle but does not include interest on any loan to purchases the vehicle. This can be claimed in addition to the mileage allowance


Capital Allowances can be claimed on assets used for your business and work, such as a car, van, truck or plant & equipment. You can claim an allowance of up to 100% in the year of purchase on certain items although cars are restricted to 18% per annum in most cases. Also assets you owned before you started the business may also be claimed if you use them now for your business.

KWA Tax Returns Online – Our service

Completing your Tax Return correctly, without hassle, may not be an easy task and also can be time consuming. For just £130 (after tax relief £104) we can prepare and file your Tax Return for you without any fuss and ensure you claim all the expenses you are entitled to, saving you tax. Simply provide us with the information we ask for then leave the rest to us.

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